Peak Pećnik and The Waterfall Banina

Rijeka, Kroasia

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4 jam, Diselenggarakan dalam bahasa Inggris
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We would meet in the centar of Rijeka where I will drive you 30 minutes to the starting point of the trail, then we will go to the top called Pećnik, after a short break we will continue to the waterfall Banina where we will explore the waterfall and after we wil head back to the car.

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I am a runner and a member of a "Mountaineering Association Kamenjak", I'm hiking every weekend for the last 10 years and I'm a official quide in Croatian Mountaineering Association, I would like to show the tourists of the city Rijeka all of surroundings and beauties of nature near Rijeka.
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Tempat yang akan Anda datangi

Pećnik is a peak in the National Park Učka from which you can see a view of the capitol Rijeka, local mountains and islands near the capitol,
Waterfall Banina the stream was created by the water flowing over the pool level to supply drinking water to the area of Rijeka and Opatija.

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Agustus 2021
This is a must experience for anyone visiting Rijeka. It is not only magical and beautiful but it provides a bit of sanctuary from the city. I highly recommend this adventure.
Juni 2021
Silvio is very nice and funny guy. He has no problem to pick up us in different place and at the time we asked for. I really appreciate this fact. The trip was also nice - great view and beautiful nature. Why I gave "only" four stars - I think it should be discussed in advance if you are going with and sitting in the car with two dogs (on the seats next to you) and of course - you know the dogs, they want to get familiar with you :). But not everybody is happy regarding that fact. Silvio asked us if it is OK, but when he was already there - not in advance, so what could you say? Please take the dogs back home and we will wait another hour? :)
September 2020
It was a very nice hike with Silvio. He knows the area well and was able to answer all the questions we had. You could see, that he is passionate about sports and hiking and we enjoyed the tour. Unfortunatly the waterfall was dry at the time we did our hike.
Agustus 2020
Hi, I recommend the hike, it was overall nice experience even though waterfall was dry. Forrest is beautiful and you can take bath in small pools on your way. Silvio was great company and he has lot of experience, he also brought his dog with him. The terrain is not hard to walk, just get a bit steep at places. Overall experience is just like a morning hiking with friends:)
Juli 2020
Amazing trip, breathtaking views on city of Rijeka and the surroundings. Didnt expect this nice piece of nature in Croatia. If you like a trails in forest this is a must do. Silvio is great tour guide with passion for the area. And also his dog is amazing rock climber as well
Maret 2020
I enjoyed my experience with Silvio and also felt safe since I was in the capable hands of an expert hiker and former mountain rescuer. He picked me up right on time, and off we went! His cute dog also came with us. I was a little worried about doing the hike since I was not an experienced hiker, but I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. He was very patient and kind in allowing me to go at my own pace, letting me rest when I needed to take a breath/drink, and encouraging me to keep going. There were some points when I was asking myself, "Why am I doing this again?" because my body was not used to the changes in elevation or uneven paths, but I persevered. The views from Peak Pećnik and of Slap Rečina (Waterfall Banina) were spectacular and worth the effort to get there. My body will ache for a few days, especially since I climbed Stube Petra Kružića to get to Trsat Castle yesterday, but I will definitely treasure the memories I made today. It was a unique experience that only someone local could have shown me. Whenever I need a peaceful moment, I can remember how it felt to be on top of the peak with the view of the Adriatic Sea and the wind in my hair or play the recording I made of the waterfall while I imagine being in the beautiful silence and nature there. Whenever I am struggling with something, I can remember how I persevered and how hard effort is worth it when you want to reach your goals. As someone whose brain is going all the time, I also recognize that engaging my body more is good for keeping me grounded and present.

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