KL Afterdark: Night Hikes at Ampang

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We will be going on a night hike to observe nocturnal animals in the wild. The hike will be HARD, we will be covering 4.5km and an altitude change of 271m from the trail head to the top of Bukit Kembara. We will be going over Bukit Kembara, circle around Ampang Impounding Reservoir, and hiking over Bukit Kembara again to head out. Some parts of the hike is steep and can be slippery if it has been raining.

The lowland forests around Ampang Impounding Reservoir is where we will see the most animals, I will be showing you some frogs, lizards, spiders, scorpions and if we are lucky we might be able to see some snakes and nocturnal mammals like civets. If you need help in photographing the animals we see, just hand me your cell phone / camera; I am a professional macro photographer that teaches photography on weekends.

When we meet, I'll provide a short briefing to describe our route again and talk about some animals that we are expecting to see and tips for spotting animals. After the hike I will bring you to a nearby 7-Eleven where you can order a Grab car back to your accommodations. If you are having trouble with Grab, I could order one for you too.

Disclaimer: With compliance to Airbnb's Animal Welfare Guidelines, while we will be photographing the animals that we find, we will NOT be touching, petting, catching or restraining any animals during the night hike.
Other things to note
THIS HIKE IS HARD. Please be adequately prepared. Hiking shoes are highly recommended. Do bring a poncho or a small umbrella too as it might rain, we are visiting a rainforest afterall! Headlamps are highly recommended as it frees your hands for holding on to ropes and trees.
We will be going on a night hike to observe nocturnal animals in the wild. The hike will be HARD, we will be covering 4.5km and an altitude change of 271m from the trail head to the top of Bukit Kembara. We will be going over Bukit Kembara, circle around Ampang Impounding Reservoir, and hiking over Bukit Kembara again to head out. Some parts of the hike is steep and can be slippery if it has been raining.

The lowland forests around…
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Hello! I am Steven Wong, nature guide and wildlife photographer. I have been going on nightwalks into the forest for 9 years and professionally guiding for two years.

Growing up watching Steve Irwin on Crocodile Hunter, gave me an appreciation for herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians). Picking up photography as a teenager, I've sought to document these amazing animals in their natural habitat. I enjoy guiding as it allows me to speak for these wonderful creatures, educating the public about their unique features and natural history.
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We will be visiting Ampang Forest Reserve, which is part of Selangor State Park. We'd be entering via the Bukit Kembara trail and circling around Ampang Impounding Reservoir.

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November 2021
Steven was an excellent guide. He is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of useful info with us. He is also patient and very thoughtful to everyone's needs. He has a keen eye for interesting creatures of the forests which made our walk super interesting. His communication with us prior to the trip was fantastic.
November 2021
This is the third time I've joined Steven for a night walk and as usual he did a great job spotting all the interesting nocturnal wildlife. Steven also takes great care to deliver background information on all the creatures we encountered and is always more than willing to assist you in getting your camera or flash set up in the best way to take some great photos. Highly recommended. Thank you Steven!
Oktober 2021
If you are looking for a nature experience in KL , this is definitely A-MUST to try. Prior to the booking, Steven was very patient answering all my concerns and doubts even before the experience. He also took his time to tell us the story of the place and each of the wildlife encounter we had. The hike is hard for people who rarely hikes but if you are a regular hiker, the steep terrain is manageable. During the hike, we managed to spot spiders, frogs, birds and even baby kancil( deer) . Wildlife is unexpected so my spotting of animals will be different with any other guests but the experience is definitely worth a try! As a photographer myself, I am glad to be able to have this experience with Steven ! Looking forward to do this again with Steven for sure!
Oktober 2021
This tour was an absolute gem. Such a refreshing time to step out of the city for a while and appreciate what nature KLC area has to offer. Steven is an extremely friendly and informative guide, and was helpful in answering on a variety of topics. He taught us how to easily spot different wildlife and thus we were able to spot many frogs and insects. We have not met many people since moving here, so having Steven as our guide was wonderful on all accounts.
April 2021
We had initially booked to do the tour two and a half weeks ago but had to cancel due to one of the group being sick. Steven was more than happy to rearrange for the following weekend. The weather was dreadful on our rescheduled date and Steven advised that we again cancel and reschedule for a second time as he was keen for us to get the best out of the experience. We finally got to do the tour last night and we had an incredible experience. We spotted a group of boar before we even got on to the trail. Steven gave an excellent briefing and gave a realistic idea of what we might see. We were particularly lucky and saw a wide range of frogs, lizards, scirpions, five mouse deer, a barking deer, a pipe snake and , our personal highlight, a slow loris! Steven is an enthusiastic and knowledgable guide and his abilty to spot creatures in the dark is, to say the least, phenomenal! He was keen to share his knowledge of the forest and was more than happy to answer questions. We had an amazing experience and we couldn't have asked for anything more. If you are keen on wildlife and want the opportunity to see some amazing nocturnal creatures this is an absolute must! We are already planning our next guided tour with Steven!
Februari 2021
I can’t say enough good things about Steven and this experience!! I told Steven I really wanted to learn more about wildlife photography and he took the time to share with me tips and insights and teach me how to properly photograph snakes (we saw 6 of them by the way!) Steven is also super knowledgeable about the habitat, fauna, and biodiversity in the area that we hiked in! We took our time to explore all the different animals, and the place itself is so absolutely beautiful and peaceful! Even though it was my first time hiking in the jungle this late at night, I never once felt unsafe! If you’re in KL and don’t do this experience you’re totally missing out! 10/10 will do again!

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