Zimbali's Rasta Experience

Negril, Jamaika

Pengalaman yang diadakan oleh Zimbali Culinary Retreat

  1. 3 jam
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Yang akan Anda lakukan

* Welcome Drink upon Arrival
* Hike into the Hills to Rasta "Fiyah's Camp"
* Stop at the natural 'Gracie's Spring' to fill your water bottles
* Enter the Hills where Fiyah shows you Nature's Bounty
* Fiyah cooks you a Wood Fire 'Ital' meal you will never forget.
* On the way down, Stop at the river for a cool off
Other things to note
Bring camera and shoes for hiking. Bug spray if your sensitive.
Optional transportation fr $20/prn

Yang disertakan

  • Makanan
    Lunch included
  • Minuman
    Amazing Spring water

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Fiyah, was the son of a minister, but left it all behind 37 years ago when his Spirit called him to Rasta. He has lived in the hills and built his camp by hand. He grows of 1000 fruit trees and lives off natural spring water and his own grown foods. His life is simple, yet complete in every way. Amazing...
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Mulai $55/ orang

$55 per orang
$55 per orang
$55 per orang

Tempat yang akan Anda datangi

Along the way you will pass through Little London town and then through the cane fields where life has never changed. Into Canaan Mountain you will see the 300 year old slave walls of the old plantation. The ride is mesmerizing.

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Desember 2021
Amazing time on this experience. It was an adventure just trying to reach Zimbali and then the excursion and food were just wonderful.
Desember 2021
Do it!! You won’t regret it. One of the most memorable experiences of my life. Wear comfortable shoes, light clothing, and be prepared to trek up the mountain. Drinking water from the spring was safe. It was such an honor to have had a vegan meal prepared by Rasta Fire and learn more about the Rastafarian lifestyle. Thank you for the experience 🙏🏽
November 2021
Right on! Awesome day. I was discussing it, with great glory, while scuba diving this morning. Awesome climb with beautiful scenery, this is a must for those who seek.... off the beaten path! Really a diggin spot. I will surely be back and look forward to staying at Zimbali Retreats. Thank you for what you do. You have a beautiful family and welcoming retreat. Dean R
Hope With Love
November 2021
We enjoyed the experience to better understand the Rastafari movement. Our tour guide, Fire, was incredible — with insights, cooking, and storytelling. The locally sourced vegetarian dish from the hike up to his scenic modest bungalow proved that you don’t need much to be whole, and that necessity and desire are often incorrectly intertwined. We’d highly recommend this for all.
November 2021
A visit to Zimbali Culinary Retreat is a must. We did the Rastafari experience and hiked up Canann Mt to a wonderful abs welcoming Rasta man. He mad us food that would make us climb the mountain everyday to eat. Along the way up our tour guide pointed out various fruits and plants. We got to drink fresh water from the spring that tasted better than the water I brought on the hike. It was magical experience. You must visit on any trip to Ja.
November 2021
We really enjoyed this trip, it was amazing to escape the resort and see Jamaica from a completely different perspective. A few minor issues were that we felt a bit forgotten when we arrived at Zimbali (i.e. waited at the door with the taxi driver knocking and honking for someone to let us in, the guide was late etc.); we were hoping to learn more about the life in Jamaica, and whilst the guide showed us some plants, we expected a bit more. But overall we’re super glad we did this tour and will not forget the experience of hanging out with the Rasta man in his hut in the mountains

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Yang harus dibawa

Comfortable shoes for walking/hiking
Bring a water bottle if you have one to catch fresh water from the spring

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