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To start your journey, we will connect in a sacred circle. Together we will share and connect through various grounding excercises. After, you will experience flow, a movement/ relaxation class in proximity of our goats to create awareness and release for yourself and others. Animals are masters of teaching us to be in the moment and help us connect to our essence. A place where we find balance and healing. The program continues with an intuitive coaching session with horse Breezy where we will try to get clarity and answers about yourself or the collective. After the equine program , you will enjoy a fruit smoothie and the outdoors. During your journey, animals can scan the body, release tensions, or use their body language to make us aware of certain situations. Animals are highly intuitive beings making us aware, releasing what doesn’t serve anymore, and giving us unconditional love and healing. They bring us back to our heart center.
Other things to note
After each session you will have alone time to write your experiences down in your notebook. I am not driven by the clock and some people might need more time than others. The experience might take longer than indicated. Other experiences are available upon request. Holistic massage ( woman only), spiritual bathing ceremony, and animal assisted wellness retreats
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To start your journey, we will connect in a sacred circle. Together we will share and connect through various grounding excercises. After, you will experience flow, a movement/ relaxation class in proximity of our goats to create awareness and release for yourself and others. Animals are masters of teaching us to be in the moment and help us connect to our essence. A place where we find balance and healing. The program continues with an intuitive…
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    Organic fruit smoothie with almond milk or oat milk.
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    Organic tea and homemade lemonade

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I am a joyful and positive woman. My intention is to share my unique wellness programs. I have been doing healing work for over 18 years, and co-working with Bitlessandmore from the Netherlands offering unique equine programs and retreats around the world. My intention is to raise awareness and create a better world for humans and animals. It has been an amazing journey and I hope you will be inspired by joining me, the goats, and horse leaving this place recharged and happy. See website for credentials. MA#83803
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The experiences takes place on a 6 acres property surrounded by many pine trees. All programs take place outside in proximity of baby goats or horses. Animals are very sensitive and intuitive beings, helping many reconnect to their essence. My intention is for peoples to rebuild a beautiful relationship with the Earth and its creatures.

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September 2021
Vickys animal assisted wellness journey was a powerful, one of a kind experience. Vicky had a way of getting me out of my comfort zone, and felt comfortable enough to open up. She spent plenty of time with me and was not driven by the clock, she also makes a delicious smoothie. Her beautiful property and animals make it a perfect place to heal, I even had a surprise visit from an armadillo. My favorite part was the exercises with Breezy, the horse. I left feeling so much more motivated and excited about the direction I’m going in life. Thanks for everything Vicky!
Juli 2021
Amazing experience. Recommend it to everyone. Vicky is an excellent host and a beautiful and special soul. Breeze the horse is magical, so lovely and a blessing to anyone who gets to meet her.
Mei 2021
I cannot say enough positive things about this experience. From the moment I arrived Vicky made me feel at ease. This experience helped me do much. I feel blessed that I had this time with Vicky and the animals.
Mei 2021
This was an amazing half-day retreat. It was a true escape from the distractions of electronics. Plus it’s a great chance to interact with a variety of animals, including goats, cats and a dog. The combination of experiences isn’t something I would expect to find anywhere else. There’s connecting with nature by exploring the property barefoot, simple movement exercises to connect with one’s own body and then self-discovery while in the presence of a gentle horse. The massage with aromatic essential oils was a perfect way to wind down and recenter. Vicky was very attentive and attuned throughout my visit. She also mixed a delicious smoothie.
April 2021
Vicky is such an amazing host of this experience. Going in I didn’t know what to expect, she took her time to customize the experience just for us!! Throughout the experience I felt well cared for and guided. There is not enough words to describe how enjoyable our time spent with Vicky was! A million stars!!! ✨⭐️⭐️✨🌟
April 2021
After spending the day with Vicky, I have a new relationship with myself, my cell phone, and goat poop! The experience starts out with the drive to her property. It’s situated in a beautifully maintained equestrian neighborhood. Her piece of land is further back, offering a sense of privacy and seclusion. As a matter of fact, I almost forgot I was in South Florida, just a short drive away from a major city. The morning started out with Vicky asking me to walk the perimeter of the property and select an object I felt drawn to, whether it was a rock, leaf, feather, etc. After that, she conducted a sage cleansing of me and we sat in a sharing circle with a talking stick and each shared how we were feeling that day. It allowed me to dump all the stuff in my head so we could go on with the day. I commend Vicky for being so vulnerable and genuine. She shared as well, which made me feel like she is human, too. She doesn’t proclaim to be some guru who knows it all, and that’s what kick started my ability to let down my guard with her. We were both exploring and figuring it out together, rather than one person being better than the other. She sees every being (even red ants!) as equals. After that, we danced and meditated with the goats. I think one was especially flattered by my belly dancing skills LOL. Finally, we went to a separate property and did a healing exercise with a horse. Letting the horse interact with me was a special and memorable moment. Such a gentle, supportive, and kind being! Between each part of the day, there are short breaks in between for journaling and snacking. Vicky provides a delicious smoothie and chips, which was more than enough to fill my tummy. The final step in the process was to be a massage / body work. When Vicky says she is not driven by the clock and time is irrelevant to her - she truly means it. Even though we had already exceeded the allotted time by almost two hours, she was ready and excited to punctuate the experience with the concluding massage. You will not find a more genuine, caring soul who recognizes and sees you. Vicky is so generous with her time and skills and shows that by what she says and does. I would recommend anyone with an open mind to step into Vicky’s world. Make sure you come with an open mind and heart, and wear shoes if you don’t want to step in goat poop!

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