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Lagos, Portugal

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We will leave the Marina and head to Ponta da Piedade, where we will stop for you to go for a swim, paddleboard, snorkel or any other thing you might feel like doing; then we will go for a little cruise on the boat, either by wind or engine, you and the weather will decide, and when all is seen we will return to the marina
Other things to note
We have seasickness pills available, if that might be a concern

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I have lived in Portugal all my life, I have spent my summers in Lagos ever since I can remember, for all my life I was drawn to the sea, and that has always been my passion, I do have all the required licenses but most importantly I have the experience.
If you decide to set sail with us I can assure you it will feel like being in a friend's boat, enjoying the best that life has to offer.
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$81 per orang
$81 per orang
$81 per orang
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You will see the coast of the Algarve like never before, from the caves to the beaches to the breathtaking landscapes, If the weather allows us we will use the power of the wind, for you to see what it's like to properly sail, you will have a chance to paddleboard into the caves of Ponta da Piedade.
In the eventuality of the waves being to discomfortable, we can go to Alvor bay, that is almost 100% sheltered of the swell

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Oktober 2021
This experience was one of the uhhhh lights of our trip. It was way more relaxing and enjoyable than the crowded boat tours. We were able to freely move around the boat. And when we got to our destination we were able to jump off the boat into the ocean or paddle board to shore and see the caves if you wanted. We had more time to relax on the boat then I expected and the whole experience was just lovely.
September 2021
A fantastic boat trip, limited to 10 people. It was listed as three hours but was over 3.5 by the time we returned. Joao was a fantastic host and I would highly recommend this tour. Excellent value for money.
September 2021
This boat tour is a beautiful, relaxing way to see the Algarve coast! There were 10 guests on our trip and the boat still felt spacious and comfortable. We loved anchoring the boat, swimming and using the paddle boards. Everyone else in the group was very cool and fun to talk to. This is not the sort of tour where you will learn history or about landmarks, but it is an amazingly relaxing way to spend an afternoon! I am glad I booked this tour instead of one of the many “tourist” boats in the area.
September 2021
I was on the boat with 10 people, it was very comfortable and it was great meeting others. Much better and slower paced then the tour boats zooming by. Great swimming spot and a great way to relax for half a day
September 2021
Such a chill and gorgeous way to learn more about Portugal and to see its stunning Southern coastline. Joao is very laidback but also attentive and friendly and the boat was perfect; we even got to drop the sail a bit! Thanks Joao.
September 2021
We went on the boat as a group of 10 and had a great time. The boat is spacious and comfortable. The host is very nice, and the paddle boards were a lot of fun.

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