Highlander experience & cheese tasting

Zakopane, Polandia

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Here is what to expect on the Tour:

We will meet at BazaTatry, from where we will go to a off the beaten track highlander house open to the public, here you will get the chance to see how the locals lived close to nature in the past, we will explain how Zakopane became famous and the people that contributed to the growth. From there we will go to a local Bacowka (smoked cheese hut) where you will get a chance to try some of the cheese and also grill your own.

Yang disertakan

  • Makanan
    Different local cheese snacks
  • Tiket
    Tickets to the museum and entrance to Bacowka.
  • Transportasi
    Transportation throughout the trip

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Hi, my name is Retha! Together with my amazing team at BazaTatry, Karolina, Hania and Gosia we love to show the highlander culture to people from all around the world!
All of us are locals and our goal here is to give you a truly interesting & engaging experience during which you will discover the unique culture of the highlanders, how Zakopane became a famous traveller destination, their connection with the mountains and nature and of course you will have a chance to try their delicious smoked cheese - get ready for an awesome time with us!
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Tempat yang akan Anda datangi

First we will visit the House of Jan Krzeptowski Sabała a famous musician and storyteller.It was built in the 19th century and is a great way to experience how people lived in the highland area. It is an example of the oldest type of Podhale two-room dwelling.
After this we will visit a local Bacowka (cheese hut) here you will get and introduction on the different forms of the regional cheese and also have a chance to grill your own.

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Oktober 2019
This was such a fun learning experience and I wouldn't have had this knowledge without the tour. My host was obviously passionate about Polish highlanders and cheese-making and I am so glad I found this event. She gave me lots of information about Zakopane that was unrelated to this tour as well, that she absolutely didn't have to do. I would book a tour with them in the future without hesitation.
Juli 2019
Absolute pleasure to be on this tour. Great tour guides and we were lucky to have a personal tour just for us. Great stories and cheeses were delicious. You should definitely book with these ladies!
September 2021
This was a very good experience for my family. My kids enjoyed the history and the cheese. We would highly recommend it!
Maret 2020
What a fun experience to do when visiting Zakopane! If you like cheese, you’ll love this experience!
Agustus 2019
My guides were great and they indeed made me experience Polish culture more than anyone else!
Agustus 2019
It was a great experience. The cheese was extra delicious.

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