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Menjadi tuan rumah bagi keluarga yang memiliki anak-anak

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and guests search for places that can accommodate them all—including the littlest little ones. It's extra-welcoming if you can offer special amenities or safety equipment and it makes your place more appealing to a wider audience. Here are some recommendations:

  • A working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector on every floor, and in all sleeping areas
  • A portable crib with a firm fitting crib sheet, placed away from windows and blinds
  • Removable safety gates for stairs and, if you have a pool, a gate around it
  • Cordless window blinds
  • Secured storage for all household cleaning products, liquid laundry packets, medicine, and chemicals
  • Stoves, cookers, kettles, and other things with safety risks should have children's locks, or be placed out of reach for children
  • Mount flat panel TVs on walls or use low, stable pieces of furniture for heavier TVs
  • Use brackets, braces, or walls traps to secure unstable and top-heavy furniture to avoid tip-overs
  • Set water heaters to no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid scalds

You can also review the following safety tips that apply to all guests, and not just children.

Sampaikan bahwa tempat Anda cocok untuk anak-anak

  1. Buka Iklan dan pilih iklan yang ingin Anda ubah
  2. Klik Pengaturan pemesanan, lalu buka Peraturan rumah
  3. Pilih bahwa tempat Anda cocok untuk anak-anak dan/atau bayi

Read 5 tips on how to make your listing family-friendly in the Resource Center.

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