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    Akankah saya memperoleh deskripsi iklan baru untuk Airbnb Plus?

    Through research, we’ve learned that the listing copy influences how guests view the overall quality of a place to stay. Based on our findings, we’ve created editorial standards for Airbnb Plus listings with specific requirements for style, structure, and quality.

    To ensure that all Airbnb Plus listings meet our editorial standards, we partner with professional writers trained in the Airbnb Plus editorial style. These partners craft polished descriptions for each listing, designed to showcase the best features of the space, and help guests imagine themselves staying there. This service is one of the benefits of upgrading to Airbnb Plus.

    Editing your listing description

    After you’ve reviewed the listing description crafted by our professional writing partners, you’re free to make edits if you find any inaccuracies, or would prefer to word things differently. Keep in mind that your listing description must meet our editorial standards, so we may ask you to make additional edits.

    You can edit your listing description any time, whether it’s before or after the listing upgrades to Airbnb Plus. To make edits, simply log in and go to Manage your Space found in your hosting dashboard.

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