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Studio Knotty Pine dengan perlengkapan tidur mewah menghadap teras pribadi untuk memasak & bersantap di luar ruangan dalam suasana tenang yang indah di negara ini. Maaf, ini bukan pondok ramah hewan peliharaan.

Bangunan berdiri bebas seluas 500 kaki persegi adalah studio dengan tempat tidur King, kamar mandi pribadi dengan pancuran pancuran kios, lemari pakaian yang luas, dapur terpisah dengan kulkas, jangkauan gas & microwave. Semua dapur kami dilengkapi dengan kentang Britta, mentega, telur segar, rempah - rempah, S & P, varietas teh, dan bumbu - bumbu lainnya. Kamar utama memiliki meja tulis yang menghadap ke area duduk sosial teras taman dengan tomat dan kemangi untuk dipetik. Konsol hiburan memiliki TV layar datar/DVD & dok iPod. Fiturnya adalah lantai kayu keras dengan panel dinding tipis dan dekorasi sejarah San Francisco yang unik. Parkir berada di dalam gerbang masuk, ruang yang ditentukan.

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7 malam di Novato

26 Okt 2022 - 2 Nov 2022

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Lokasi Anda

Novato, California, Amerika Serikat

Indian Valley adalah 'Daerah Khusus' dari Marin County yang tidak didirikan. Ada 350 hunian di sini, ada yang generasi ke -2. Kami mengatur sendiri, mengurus perlindungan kebakaran kami sendiri (kami berada di distrik kebakaran regional resmi, namun kami melakukan pembersihan sikat, jalur, dll.), dan kami banyak dari kami berada di 'NextDoor' sehingga aman. Kebetulan saya adalah webmaster dan editor buletin UNTUK HOA, jadi banyak tetangga yang merupakan teman dekat yang bertukar hasil bumi tanam sendiri, telur, dll.

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In 2007 I found myself living on a 2-acre farm in northwest Marin, a property I had intended to do a spec-build on, but instead, I ended up keeping the 5 cottages and renourishing the farm - having never farmed before. The 2008-9 Recession had pretty much debilitated my real estate development career, so I decided to upgrade the structures and go with the idea of a 'Permaculture B & B.'
I'm a Marin County native and have lived in California my whole life. My last job was as a local entertainment & tourism journalist. I had majored in writing and philosophy in college, after which I spent several years in retail - in the bedding industry! I worked for several vendors such as Macy's, Sheridan & Scandia Down Shop and, because I became very skilled at the window displays - having gone through the local community college's interior design certification program - as well as real estate studies, it all turned out to be a perfect blend of things to prep me for what I'm doing now!
I love local history, and I am a graphic artist, photographer, painter, and textile nut. I was a local landlord for 30+ years and enjoyed great relationships with my tenants. I am keenly interested in the whole affordable housing issue and served on several committees involved with community development. I do a bit of volunteer work locally (mostly graphics and PR for various non-profits), but mostly I work around the farm on a gazillion ongoing projects. Since being here I've really gotten into power tools and came to the realization that building has a lot in common with sewing - and is especially fun if you look at it all as art. The permaculture aspect is very compelling, and the more I learn, the more I am able to implement things that bring my costs down and my yields up - guest satisfaction, too!
One thing that changed in the past few years is that I don't think I'm 'pretending' to be a farmer anymore. I graduated in May of 2013 from the Marin Master Gardener Program, so now I feel a little bit more capable of managing the landscape. However, the past three years of drought have really taken a toll on the garden upkeep – with hotter temperatures and deep water conservation measures in place. I apologize in advance if you were expecting anything ‘lush’ this year when you visit.

Recently I entered a 10-year lease with 'Homeground Habitats,' a group of volunteers helping friend Charlotte Torgovitsky-Holst with her non-profit in my lower acre. Charlotte is probably the most experienced and knowledgeable gardener in Marin County. She currently works with the Marin Municipal Water District in the designation of invasive species in our open-space, as well as just having authored a book for them for residents to learn about fire-safe, Bay-friendly, water-wise, and butterfly/bee gardening. Her resume goes on and on, so ridiculously impressive! She has turned the lower field into a display garden, nursery and outdoor classroom partnering the College of Marin’s Organic Farming Program. They are usually gone for the day by 5 or 6pm; the perfect time to go stroll down there with a glass of wine…

I am definitely 'in my element' here - I love the challenge of developing the farm for the ultimate country experience for guests, where they can learn [hands-on, if they like] about composting, planting, animals and art.

Supplemental note: In regards to our connectivity to the Internet and Wi-Fi network here on the farm, I have recently been ‘schooled’ by a friend who works in IT. I will try and explain it to the best of my ability. First of all, we are in a rural valley that has always had minor (cell phone) reception issues in the 15 years I’ve been here. Secondly, the only truly viable carrier for our needs (LAN lines, Wi-Fi, TV) is Comcast, so we are at their mercy.

We have two modems + powerful tri-mesh network extenders on the property at two facing locations. Through these two access points, we strive to provide the bandwidth needed by our guests to hop on our Wi-Fi network with their cell phones, laptops, and to stream entertainment in the cottages through ROKU. With this said, if you, the guest, have a HULU account and a portable ‘stick’ to bring here, you can probably get live TV (sports, news) via your own account through our Wi-Fi.

Since the onset of the pandemic, I know many folks have found ways to work at home through their computers. Often this involves meetings by Zoom or other video sharing. This poses a particular problem for us because the download speed from Comcast is 125Mbps, but the upload speed is only 10Mbps, and any upload platforms would suffer latency during times of higher traffic volume.

To be honest, I have never promoted an ‘office park’ type of Internet environment here. It is a rural farm in a quiet setting where guests seeking to relax and ‘disconnect’ return year after year for specifically this reason. Several of our reviews over the years have mentioned that ‘connectivity seems spotty’ or inquiries ask, ‘How is the Internet/Wi-Fi?’ The answer to both of these questions is that we are reliant on Comcast for our network performance. We seek always to improve our signal distribution on the property through up-to-date equipment purchases, but beyond that there’s very little we can do aside from investing in a whole system upgrade. If you are an IT person who wants to suggest anything to us, please do!

In 2007 I found myself living on a 2-acre farm in northwest Marin, a property I had intended to do a spec-build on, but instead, I ended up keeping the 5 cottages and renouris…

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Tur awal tidak diperlukan, tetapi direkomendasikan. Selain itu, saya (tuan rumah) tinggal di properti dan sering bekerja di kebun (terkadang di malam hari, jika cuaca buruk...), sehingga Anda selalu bisa melakukan percakapan! Saya mencoba untuk membantu, tidak usil atau menjengkelkan. (Sejujurnya, saya cukup sibuk!)
Tur awal tidak diperlukan, tetapi direkomendasikan. Selain itu, saya (tuan rumah) tinggal di properti dan sering bekerja di kebun (terkadang di malam hari, jika cuaca buruk...), se…

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