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Menandai pemesanan sebagai perjalanan bisnis

Love traveling with Airbnb? You can use us for business trips, too. Mark a booking as a business trip by selecting Is this a work trip? during checkout. This way, you can add trip notes that’ll be sent to the person who manages your company’s travel. You’ll also get an expensable receipt from us in your work inbox.

It’s also a good idea to share info about your trip in a message to your Host. This is a great way to help them understand your business travel needs.

Made a mistake?

If you've already booked a trip and mistakenly marked it as a business trip, or vice versa, you can update it at any time by going to your Trips page and selecting or deselecting This is a business trip. You can only do this if you booked using a personal payment method. 

If you mistakenly charged a business trip to your company, you'll need to cancel immediately to avoid cancellation fees and any compliance concerns for your organization.

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